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Participants' Comments

Here's a sample of  what participants had to say about previous Basically Quartets courses
"I can't speak too highly about the course.  It is such a delight to be immersed in quartet music in such a peaceful and beautiful location, with such lovely, helpful tutors."  
“This has been a wonderful and delightful course...The tutors are so knowledgeable, experienced and perceptive; it was a real treat."
"Even though playing in a quartet had never crossed my mind, this proved to be a great course.”
"What a stunning place; lovely staff; lovely food. What more could we ask for."
"This has been a week of pure enjoyment.  The coaching has been top notch.  The atmosphere has been so friendly and supportive..."
“The course was refreshingly different from some more ordinary courses and the quality of the tutors led to it's being inspirational."
"Brilliant! ..... I loved the whole experience.”
“The intensity of learning in a totally non-threatening intimate environment worked so well and windows of enlightenment were so imaginatively opened for us by such enthusiastic and encouraging teaching - thank you!"
"This course is a great contribution to Amateur Music Making."
"Noddfa is a lovely venue....and the Sisters could not be more welcoming....a great experience!"
"If I could go on only one more music course again in my life, I would have no hesitation in choosing this one."
"[Mix and Match sessions] of the strengths of the course.  It helps you to get to know other people and stops the course becoming 'cliquey'."
"It was fun, stimulating, hard work, tiring, rewarding, and more fun.  Just great!"
"Great location. Lovely surroundings, comfortable bedroom (clean and private). Home cooked food - varied, interesting and filling!"
"[Coaching sessions] were all, without exception, brilliant. We really appreciated the way you took us as we were and helped us to build from there...You were all helpful and positive, each in your own way...Magic!"
"A really fantastic course – the best I've been on. A lovely atmosphere – very friendly and supportive. The attitude of the tutors made all the difference.”
“I found it [Injury Prevention lecture] really helpful for music playing and general life."
"Every single [coaching] session brought fresh insights, musically and technically...."
"I signed up not knowing what to expect – and it's been brilliant! You've all been so encouraging and helpful, never negative ... Magic!”
“It was a very enjoyable week in a beautiful place. Thank you for all the encouragement”.
Brilliant insights”
“Could scarcely have been better.”