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   Brian Carlile
Brian was born in England and studied viola at the Royal Manchester College of Music before joining the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. At 24 he was appointed Principal Viola of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and violist of the Icelandic Chamber Soloists. During his eight years in Reykjavík, Brian studied Icelandic at the University, wrote and arranged music for TV and films and directed the City of Reykjavík Band. He worked with the Community Orchestra in Reykjavík, co-founded the National Amateur Symphony Orchestra and was instrumental in the establishment of the Icelandic Opera Company.

Returning to the UK, he took up teaching appointments at Lancaster University and the City of Leeds College of Music and was appointed violist of the Leodian String Quartet. He also performed and recorded regularly with many of the UK's major symphony, opera, ballet and chamber orchestras. He became known as an orchestral contractor, organizing musicians for concert, TV, film and recording work. His media credits are wide-ranging including the newer British TV version of the Forsyte Saga.In 1998 he was employed as the "Music Fixer" (contractor and consultant) on the Oscar nominated film about the life of cellist Jacqueline du Pré "Hilary and Jackie".

Brian now lives and works in Canada but continues his long association with the Maggini String Quartet, organizing and coaching at their North of England Summer School for preformed quartets. He is passionate about working with enthusiasts of every calibre and has enjoyed working with youth and adult amateur music organizations on both sides of the Atlantic.